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Our Story

I just wanted to give the Dolls in my community some thing we didn’t have…. a place to buy quality “bundles”.



In 2011 we launched our hair company Xpressions virgin hair collection. Quality bundles and exceptional customer service was our main focus. But we didn’t just want a place to shop. We were also passionate about the “purchasing experience”.  We wanted our Dolls to be educated on how to purchase quality hair extensions, to know what quality looks like, and also how to care for their extensions so they will last. ...And we did just that!


Staying relevant and consistent in this competitive hair industry has been no easy task.  But we did it. We continued in our education, we stayed current on the latest trends,  and we never lost sight of our focus.  This has allowed us to keep our head in the game over the years and to this day remain an industry leader in our market. 


Now, with over 11 years of experience since our initial launch, we have added an array of styling products and tools to enhance your wearing experience.


We will always put our Dolls first! Our promise to you is that We will never compromise the quality of our products. We will always work with integrity,  and we will continue be diligent when providing top quality service for our customers. 


We love our Dolls thank you for trusting us with your hair care needs 


Your trusted Beauty Brand.